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Air Cushion Machines


Packaging ONE offer 2 innovative air cushion machines that dispense plastic packaging which can be used for void fill and cushioning applications.

Contact the sales office and we will evaluate your requirements based on space, usage and required level of protection and we will recommend the right system for the job.



AirSpeed 6000®

Portable, Fast, Efficient!

The AirSpeed 6000 system dispenses a continuous chain of air cushions, linked together with perforations for easy separation.

Ideal for filling voids, blocking, bracing and cushioning products during transit. AirSpeed systems are reliable, compact and light.

AirSpeed 6000 offers faster operating speeds producing up to 17 metres of air cushions per minute, enabling it to keep up with demand for high-volume users.

Because the system uses ambient air, no external air supply is required. The roll stock, which creates the cushions, yields up to 3.8m3 per roll, the equivalent of 5 rolls of bubble or 9 sacks of loose fill chips.

AirSpeed 6000 is simple to install, easy to operate and requires minimal maintenance.


Airspeed Smart®

Smart by name and smart by nature.

The easy to operate, compact and quick AirSpeed Smart is perfect for any small business with big packaging needs.

The AirSpeed Smart takes up even less room than its high speed cousin the AirSpeed 6000 and provides the latest in air cushion technology - the most cost and space effective way to protect items large and small from drops and impact.

Perfect for filling voids and wrapping delicate items to cushion them against the day to day rigours of domestic and international posting.

Cushions can be custom printed with company logos and marketing information subject to minimum order volume.

Cushions are fully recyclable.