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Custom Designed Foam Packaging


At Packaging One we specialise in the design, conversion and manufacture of foam packaging solutions. We have an experienced team of technical designers who will work with you to develop the most cost effective pack, whilst retaining maximum product protection. From our centrally based conversion plant we offer the complete package from concept to manufacture.

The five step package design procedure:

  1. Define the shipping environment
  2. Define the product fragility
  3. Select the appropriate shipping material
  4. Design and fabricate a prototype pack
  5. Laboratory testing to verify pack performance
Bespoke Packaging Bespoke Packaging Bespoke Packaging


Packs are available in a wide range of foams, in various densities, including coloured and anti-static options:


Polyethylene – lightweight, strong and 100% recyclable. Its superb cushioning properties enable the overall pack size to be reduced compared to many alternative packaging methods, which saves on shipping costs.
Polyurethane Polyurethane – perfect for lightweight applications, gentle but firm, available as egg-shell and in a range of densities. Easily fabricated in any shape to suit your requirements.
Plastazote Plastazote – closed cell, cross-linked polytheylene foam, approved for use within the MOD. Non-abrasiv, lightweight, tough, flexible and water resistant
Anti-static Anti-static/Conductive – polyethylene and polyurethane foam can be supplied in an anti-static grade. Prohibits and dissipates anti-static interference, the solution to packing sensitive electronic equipment.